Island Park, LLC       


Welcome to Island Park, LLC


We are a wholesale tree nursery located just outside of Albany in upstate New York and is conveniently located minutes off interstate 90 and interstate 787.

We grow on approximately 400 acres in fertile river bottom soil and offer a wide variety of shade trees such as white oaks, sugar maples, thorn-less honeylocust, birch, tuliptrees, londonplane trees and more. Our ornamental selection includes a wide selection crabapples, flowering pears, hawthorn, lilac, plum and cherry.  We also have a strong selection of natives like basswood, catalpa and eastern redbud as well as improved varieties of American elms and sugar maples. At Island Park we grow evergreens too, including popular American arborvitae, Norway, white and colorado spruce, eastern red cedars, balsam and concolor firs. These locally northern grown trees will be hardy enough for any project.



Please contact us if you would like to tour our growing fields,  would like to recieve pricing or just have a question.

We are local to the Albany, NY area and a short drive the Adirondacks, Berkshires and Green Mountains of Vermont.